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Bloons Tower Defense 4

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Amazing Fix - the Veteran's House

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Icy Gifts

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The Enchanting Islands

2009-06-30 00:00:00 / Match 3

Download The Enchanting Islands(55.20 Mb)Buy The Enchanting Islands($6.99)

The Enchanting Islands gameIn a match 3 game "The Enchanting Islands" a gamer will have to save an entire archipelago of fairy-tale islands from the sorcery of a wicked witch, simultaneously making his own island comfortable. This virtual journey won't seem boring to you as every island in the archipelago is completely different from the others.

On this uneasy way you will meat not only the traditional counters of different types (which are to be collected and put in lines), but also the wicked witches henchmen and even menacing "bosses". The struggle with the last ones ("bosses") will bring some new sense and dynamics to the well known playing process, as conquering them will not be easy at all. In the final of the game a gamer will have to fight with the wicked witch herself, after which the darkness will draw back, and life and kind magic light will return to the archipelago again. Still the magic struggle is not the only story line of the game.

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Unwell Mel

2009-06-29 00:00:00 / Match 3

Download Unwell Mel(31.26 Mb)Buy Unwell Mel($6.99)

Unwell Mel gameThe main character of the game "Unwell Mel" - just the one whose name is Mel is a really horrifying guy.

He looks really unwell and he feels even worse. Actually the doctors are confused as they don't understand how such a great amount of illnesses could find place in an alive man. Still a real doctor (whose role is to be performed by the gamer) should never be in despair, that's why it's time to start to treat the patient. We have a medical scanner for the purpose, which is able to find the cause of an illness, a chemist's shop with various medicines (which are to be bought in breaks between the levels) and… a playing field for match 3 games. With its help we will be able to earn money to buy the medicines required, composing lines of three or more counters of the same type.

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Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

2009-06-28 00:00:00 / Hidden Object

Download Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst Game(290.93 Mb)Buy Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst Game($6.99)

Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst gameHere is one more hidden object game. It belongs to "Mystery Case Files" series. If you wish you can look through the beginning of the story in the game called "Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst".

The only thing we will mention here is that Emma's soul is completely free now but we have learnt from her ghost that evil still lives in the neglected mansion Ravenhearst. Such an important matter shouldn't be left unfinished and that means we should return to that gloomy mansion. And those closed and rusty gates will again meet a lonely visitor exceptionally ungraciously. But the search of the key from them is only a beginning of this adventure.

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Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror

2009-06-28 00:00:00 / Hidden Object

Download Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror Game(66.93 Mb)Buy Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror Game($6.99)

Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror gameIn a game called "Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror", which belongs to hidden object games, a real ancient castle will be at the gamer's disposal. Its name is Firewitch and its hard walls hide quite a number of secrets in numerous rooms.

But there are even more hidden objects there. Becoming cluttered up with time is an unavoidable trouble with all large houses. In the locations of this ancient castle the past and the present are fancifully interwoven including the ancient and the modern objects. The main character arrives at this place with a pragmatic but very noble aim – he wants to learn the secret of his parentage here. Perhaps he is really a person of royal blood?

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Righteous Kill 2

2009-06-28 00:00:00 / Hidden Object

Download Righteous Kill 2 Game(185.39 Mb)Buy Righteous Kill 2 Game($6.99)

Righteous Kill 2 game"Righteous Kill 2 - Revenge of the Poet Killer" is a game the plot of which belongs to a popular hidden object game genre. It is following the motifs of a film "Title to a murder".

The gamer will have to perform as Erica Dean – a New-York investigator who has to reveal a series of mysterious crimes. There is every indication that these single-handed crimes are a doing of a crank. Collecting the evidences of the crime at locus delicti, examining them in the laboratory, you will have to trace and render harmless this mysterious Poet Killer. The routine process of searching the evidences (looking for the hidden objects) is diversified not only with brain-teaser games which you will have to play in breaks between the levels, but also with very persuasive (as concerns logic and plot) "quest" tasks.

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Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction

2009-06-28 00:00:00 / Hidden Object

Download Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction Game(80.73 Mb)Buy Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction Game($6.99)

Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction gameIn "Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction" which is a hidden object game the gamer will have to participate in a popular TV show. The topic of the show is garage sales also known as flea markets. The topic of the game is pretty informal which has found its reflection in the graphics (it has acquired an animation look) and in the ideology of the world of this game – fortunately, this time you won't have to save the world.

You will only have to look for certain objects (the list is attached) which have been scattered around some very specific locations. These locations are… houses (to be more precise, the lawns in front of the houses) where very special people live. How would you like a house made of an old plane or a train carriage? And what's about a house that looks like a giant robot? Each location is unique and inimitable. And such a terrible jumble there is due to the owners' creative personalities.

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Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey

2009-06-28 00:00:00 / Hidden Object

Download Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey Game(86.62 Mb)Buy Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey Game($6.99)

Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey gameIn "Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey" we will have to set off straight to the sea bed together with a student oceanologist Jennifer to look for objects in the world of Neptune's kingdom. What for? Jennifer dreams of an aquarium with exotic fish and commercial diving seems to be a perfect way to combine useful things with pleasant ones.

The range of tasks in this game is really wide. One will have to look for the hidden objects mentioned in the list, search objects of the same type (for example ancient Greek amphoras) and even collect a big amount of golden objects (in a period of time). Underwater locations in the game are filled with various objects. Who could ever imagine that the sea bed is so cluttered up? However, helping the main heroine to clear it we will surely favour the ecology. And in breaks between the levels we are waited for by the aquarium of Jennifer's dreams.

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Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze

2009-06-28 00:00:00 / Hidden Object

Download Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze Game(32.38 Mb)Buy Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze Game($6.99)

Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze gameAs you remember from the first part of hidden object game "Dream chronicles", the struggle between a young magician Faye and a fairy of dreams Lilith, Fairy Queen ended not as usual – not for Faye's benefit. And that means that our heroine's task is the same. She regains consciousness in a magic prison.

She has to rescue her kidnapped husband Fidget and remove the spell from the fairy-tale country. All its inhabitants are now in the world of heavy sleep and Faye's young daughter is among them. But on the other hand we have gained a new ally – the fairy of nature, Eval and her indispensable tip book. In "Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze" a new round of magic struggle is waiting for us. "Quest" tasks dominate in the locations, but the equipment required to manage them has to be found first.

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Escape Rosecliff Island

2009-06-24 00:00:00 / Hidden Object

Download Escape Rosecliff Island Game(43.20 Mb)Buy Escape Rosecliff Island Game($6.99)

Escape Rosecliff Island gameA desert island has always been one of the eternal topics in the culture of the world. But the island we are to find ourselves at is an unusual one – not very long ago it was inhabited and not with some savages but with quite ordinary modern people.

That is why its dilapidated buildings and gloomy neglected rooms a solitary navigator faces here look even more sinister. For sure there must have been a reason for the people to leave the island... Still we have a task more important than searching the reason. We have trapped to this comfortless place in the middle of the boundless ocean due to a severe storm and now we have to escape this island as soon as possible.

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Azada: Ancient Magic

2009-06-21 00:00:00 / RPG/Adventure

Download Azada: Ancient Magic Game(106.50 Mb)Buy Azada: Ancient Magic Game($6.99)

Azada: Ancient Magic gameWe take you back to the dark mystery and exciting magic of Azada.

More than 20 magic puzzle books provide a unique possibility to enter the lives of different storybook characters. King Arthur, Rapunzel, Henry Jekyll, Buffalo Bill, and many other legendary people await you in the game!

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