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Amazing Fix - the Veteran's House

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Icy Gifts

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Defenders of Law: The Rosendale File

2009-08-20 00:00:00 / Hidden Object

Download Defenders of Law: The Rosendale File(145.06 Mb)
Defenders of Law: The Rosendale File gameIn this new hidden objects game you have to show your best investigating skills. Even though you are a lawyer and have to prove your client’s innocence, you are the one that has to go from one building to another and gather evidence.

Maps, magnifying glass, flashlights, and will help you locate items and move around in dark rooms. Take all the physical evidence to the crime lab, where with the help of a skilled lab assistant you will have to analyze each one of them, but your work is not done yet.

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Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy

2009-08-13 00:00:00 / Hidden Object

Download Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy(149.67 Mb)
Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy gamePractice you great mystery solving skills and try your best to solve a terrible murder.

In this hidden object game game you are a mystery writer who has to find the Edgar Allan Poe’s murderer, so his soul can rest. The game is filled with scenes and places from the famous author’s work and you have to walk around and find all the objects that are listed on your screen.

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Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone

2009-08-11 00:00:00 / Hidden Object

Download Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone(145.71 Mb)Buy Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone($6.99)
Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone gameNew Hidden Object game. You have to solve a great mystery and investigate a terrible crime – the ancient Moonstone has been stolen and it is your task to interrogate the likely suspects and catch the perpetrator.

Go from one room of the mansion to the next and search for possible clues. Once you find them, try putting the puzzle together and bring back the invaluable jewelry – the Moonstone.

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GemCraft chapter 0

2009-07-01 00:00:00 / Online Games Strategy Games

Im glad to recommend you new online game from GameInTheBottle team. Long time coming, but it’s finally here. GemCraft chapter Zero welcomes you . It's now completly new strategy towerdefence game. Unleash your magic powers and fight your way through the wilderness to find what you have been searching for decades... The Gem of Eternity awaits you...
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Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2

2009-06-30 00:00:00 / Match 3

Download Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2(60.52 Mb)Buy Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2($6.99)

Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2 game"Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2" offers a gamer to indulge into exploring the underwater world again, surely with our faithful helper - the crab.

The playing mechanism tested in "Hidden Wonders of the Depths" turned out to be so successful that the release of the sequel became unavoidable. A real mix from several types of match 3 games, puzzles and other logic games consecutively replacing one another is now again in front of a brain-teasers fan. By the way, our helper (a little crab) actually needs help to pick his way along the cluttered up sea bed (the playing field of this match 3 game) to the trunks with treasures.

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Lost Secrets: Caribbean Explorer Secrets of the Sea

2009-06-30 00:00:00 / Hidden Object

Download Lost Secrets: Caribbean Explorer Secrets of the Sea(80.13 Mb)Buy Lost Secrets: Caribbean Explorer Secrets of the Sea($6.99)

Lost Secrets: Caribbean Explorer Secrets of the Sea gameIn "Lost Secrets - Caribbean Explorer Secrets of the Sea" we are to undertake a journey to the warm but dangerous waters of the Caribbean once again (how many times have we already been there?). The golden age of piracy is waiting for us.

The centre of the plot of this new hidden object game are as always the countless riches (the gold) and family skeletons. A famous pirate Francis Laffite's daughter is trying to find out in what circumstances her father and… the family gold disappeared. A journey that had started in a Mecca for pirates – Port Royal, will continue at a variety of less known islands and towns. An old pirate map will serve as a guide-book.

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Flower Paradise

2009-06-30 00:00:00 / Match 3

Download Flower Paradise(36.58 Mb)Buy Flower Paradise($6.99)

Flower Paradise gameIn "Flower Paradise" a gamer will find pure harmony in a cozy interactive garden. But actually one will have to do a lot of things to give vent to his talents in gardening.

The gamer will have to prove his skills in playing match 3 games regularly, earning money (level after level) needed to create his own garden. For the money he will be able to buy flowers, animals (fish, butterflies) and inanimate objects – elements of landscape design (statues, fences). The counters in this match 3 game are represented by flowers. Changing their places a gamer should compose lines of same-type counters (not less than four).

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Hidden Island

2009-06-30 00:00:00 / Match 3

Download Hidden Island(14.57 Mb)Buy Hidden Island($6.99)

Hidden Island gameIn "Hidden Island" our hero wasn't contrary to the typical plot thrown on a mysterious island by a storm, but he put ashore voluntarily. Sailing round the world aboard his yacht, he discovered that the island which had suddenly appeared in front of him isn't marked on any map.

And the mysterious ruins caused even more interest to the secret of this piece of land. A magic disk was soon found in the ruins. With its help he will probably be able to dispel the ancient sorcery and reveal the secret of the past of this mysterious island. This ancient disk hides one type of match 3 games, but this one is actually rare and original. Even an experienced gamer will first be a little bit confused seeing a revolving disk, which consists of several rings, each of them divided into sectors of various colors.

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Trial of the Gods: Ariadne's Fate

2009-06-30 00:00:00 / Match 3

Download Trial of the Gods: Ariadne's Fate(14.57 Mb)Buy Trial of the Gods: Ariadne's Fate($6.99)

Trial of the Gods: Ariadne's Fate gameIn due time provident Greeks acquired such a voluminous mythology that tens of books, movies and games played on its plots. And even today many film directors and game developers don't mind pressing themselves to this source of wisdom and inspiration which seems to be inexhaustible.

A game called "Trial of the Gods - Ariadnes Fate" was based on one of the most famous plots of the Greek mythology. The one in which the destinies of a hero Tessay, a wise beauty Ariadne and a terrifying beast Minotaur closely interlace. A long Tessay's journey starts this time with a sea voyage to Crete, where a labyrinth and a fight with Minotaur are waiting for him. But the wind will fill your sails only if you play a divine game, which is offered by the god of the sea Poseidon, that means a well known match 3 game.

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Asami's Sushi Shop

2009-06-30 00:00:00 / Match 3

Download Asami's Sushi Shop(55.20 Mb)Buy Asami's Sushi Shop($6.99)

Asami's Sushi Shop gameMost of "restaurant simulators" are ruined buy their uniformity. Wandering from one game to another we find ourselves in a cheap fast-food or a pizza parlour again and again. That is why any exotics in the plot of a game like this should be welcomed in every possible way. Even if it is not actually a restaurant simulator in front of us, but a match 3 game designed on the topic.

That's the case with a game called "Asamis Sushi Shop". Under the direction of her wise grandfather a young Japanese Asami is to reestablish family business – making sushi. That's why the counters in the game look just like components of sushi and the gamer's task is to get the right amount of the right components from the playing field to fit the Asami's clients' orders. The main rule of restaurant simulators works here as well – a client shouldn't be left waiting for too long as it may spoil his mood and he will leave not having made a buying.

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