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play Timeless: The Forgotten Town Timeless: The Forgotten Town is a great adventure game, in the style of the much loved game genre- a hidden object game. Everyone loves a hidden object game to play from time to time. Especially when it has a great story to follow on with and enjoy. The game is always easier to understand when there is a story to play along with, as this gives you a better understanding about the game and the characters in the game. There are some really interesting characters in Timeless: The Forgotten Town. Characters that you will really be able to understand the feelings and be livings of. We all love a game with strong characters in. Timeless: The Forgotten Town has all of these great attributes that make it a top game to play and enjoy! So let's tell you a bit more about it shall we. So you become a well known hero in Timeless: The Forgotten Town. How do you become a hero, I hear you ask? Well here's the story- its quite a short one, you manage to stop a runaway train. You acted in the heat of the moment, as anyone would do. An you succeeded- which is the best news of all, many many people dodged the penalty of death because of your courage and strength. Little did you know that this runaway train happened to be lost in time and space! This then caused you to get sucked into this mirrored and magical world also. You may of saved the train but it has caused you a lot of hassle in the long run as you have to work out how to get out of this weird and wonderful world in Timeless: The Forgotten Town. In order to get out of this odd state of affairs you need to explore the mysterious city top to bottom and solve the riddles that you find on the way and while doing so you will uncover the roots of this terrible and unexpected disaster, that nobody thought was possible and nobody thought that this would happen. You may have saved a lot of people but now your duty is to yourself to save yourself from this timeless trap in Timeless: The Forgotten Town. You need to do this sooner rather than later as your life is in the hands of an evil master.
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