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play The Secrets of Arcelia Island Ah an adventure with your family and a few others sounds fun, doesn't it?! YES! Well so the plan is to hire a boat and go out on an adventure sailing the wide and open ocean with your father and a small crew that you have gathered together to help you along the way. You need some help as sailing a ship can be really hard work at times, especially if you have sea legs! Or you have never done it before, it can be a rather tiring and challenging affair and can take its tole on you. So you hire this beautiful old fashioned boat to sail. Everything is prepared and you just have to get the crew together and get set on your way into the seven seas! Everyone is so excited about this new adventure that you are all about to undertake together. A few hours in and everything is going well, everyone is really enjoying themselves and getting used to the ropes on the ship and what needs to be done to make sure that this is all just plain sailing from here on! A lot of things need to be done to maintain the boats momentum so everyone is hands on deck to make sure that this all goes right! The sun begins to head behind the hills and the night is drawing in with the dark cloudy sky on its way, so everyone decides to call it a night and head for the sack. A good nights sleep and everyone should be feeling their best for another day hard at sailing tomorrow morning! But not everyone can get a good nights sleep as you have sailed into some bad weather and it is causing the boat to go out of control. After a long and restless night you find yourself shipwrecked in The Secrets of Arcelia Island. You find that you are on a strange island which appears to only be inhabited by these strange and wonderful creatures- you have never seen these before. Your all along on this island and you set off to find out what is going on. You find out these creatures have been cursed by four deadly curses. But the most important thing in your mind is that you find your father as you haven't seen him since the night before!
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