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play Sonya Collector's Edition To many people- well many sisters, sisterly love is very important. Most sisters would give their right arm to save the other. When you are sisters you have a special bond with one another that no one else can work out, and that no one else will have. You may not like the same things and you may argue from time to time but having sisterly love is very important to many people. It's nice to have a close connection with someone and know what is going on for them. One of the most rewarding aspects is being there at a time in need, when they are upset or when something is troubling them you can be there to offer a shoulder to cry on and sympathetic ear. What's all this about do I hear you say? Well I will tell you. It's a story of two sisters Lily and Sonya. They were close, very close. They are sisters. They would do anything for one another. But one day something happens, something tragic. An their relationship and friendship is put to the test- pushed to the limits. How far would you go to save someone close to you.Sonya is the older of the two sisters and so she feels that it is her duty to protect her sister at all times, to be these just to look out for her- making sure she is ok and protecting her from all the hurt in the world. But one day her sister- Lily goes missing and no one knows where she has gone and no one has seen for hours on end. Her sisterly instinct begins to tell her that something more serious is up. Sonya discovers that her sister has been taken by some very evil villains that are quite well know! In Sonya's mind there is only one thing that she can do in this situation and that is to save her beloved sister no matter what she might come across on her long travels. This risk and adventure will all be in the name of sisterly love and looking out for one another. Sonya has to keep to her promise that she let no evil come to her little sister. Lily's life force has been stolen by these evil villains so it is up to Sonya to get it back in this hidden object adventure game! You have to take on the villains head on in this fun hidden object adventure game.
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