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Fairway Solitaire gameFairway Solitaire is a unique game that tests your Solitaire skills, but you are in a sense playing golf. You don't have to be a blackjack wiz anymore in order to play card games. The objective is the same as with any other Solitaire game – to choose a card that is one number higher or lower than the one that has been turned up.

In this game though, you are advancing your way though various golf courses and your ultimate goal is to get to the Grand Champion.

You can see your score on a scoreboard after every "hole", and the less strokes you use the better for you – you will get a bonus if you use less than the predetermined number of strokes.

There are many different challenges throughout the game such as water traps, sand traps and wild shots.

With all the money that you earn, you can buy some clothing and other items that will help you play better or faster.

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