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Bubble Town gameBubble Town is a marble popper game and is as good as they come! The underlining premises is the same as with other marble popper games – fire a ball and make a chain of three to more and the extra balls will simply disappear and you will get a bonus.

You are helping the Borbs from Bubble Town, who have been cowardly attacked, but with your help they are trying to defend themselves against the Lumps – vicious space invaders.

There is no time constraint in this wonderful game and you can play in on two levels modes, named Straight-Up and Ball and two modes "Journey and Endless Endless", and "Journey" mode.

The Borbs that you are helping come in all forms and shapes: orange, red, and some alternative Borbs that every Goth girl would be jealous of.

At the end of each level you get bonuses, depending on how well you did in that level, and the game is spiced up with different power-ups as well.

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