Aveyond: Gates of Night(62.27 Mb)
Aveyond: Gates of Night gameMel is a young street thief, who is trying her best to recover a magical orb form the malefic vampire Gyendal.

Mel, with the help of a few friends has to find four keys, which are needed in order to proceed to the next part of their adventure.

During the journey Mel, Galahad, the vampress Te'ijal, and Crown Prince Edward' will have to solve a lot of puzzles, go to many new places, and through various twists in order to get back the orb and prevent a curse from happening.

They can use the World map that should help them move to the different places, where they will have to face and win battles against many different monsters.

The game is witty, funny, very entertaining and with a few unexpected twists.

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System requirements:

  • OS:Windows XP/Vista

  • Memory:256 Mb

  • CPU:600 Mhz

  • DX:8.1

  • Hard Drive:75 Mb

Bullet points:

  • Unique gameplay

  • Raise pets and collect eggs

  • Get back the orb!

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Aveyond: Gates of Night game is a shareware software available to all users to download and play for free during 1 hour trial period. Then you will have either to buy Aveyond: Gates of Night for $6.99 or uninstall it from your computer. The game is compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista. Aveyond: Gates of Night does not contain any spyware and/or advertise modules which could cause any damage to your system, so you can install it not bothering about loss of any valuable information. It takes several minutes to download the game if you use fast Cable/ADSL connection. Aveyond: Gates of Night game for free and indulge yourself into having pleasure!

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