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Pixelshocks Tower Defence


Created by: Robot Smrdis
Rating: 0
Published: 2013-08-28
Game Plays: 2223


Pixelshocks Tower Defence is a tower defense strategy game that is going to put your tower defense skills to the ultimate test. You have 7 different towers to choose from and each have their strengths and weaknesses. Choose Wisely! You will start with 20 lives with top-ups at the item shop. Most of the creeps will bear special abilities so beware! You must build your towers and other defenses strategically so that the creeps don't make it all the way through your map. The good news is that you have 7 different types of towers to use as you try to fight your way through 50 tough tower defense levels. Keep your towers upgraded so they are as powerful as possible to stop the creeps in the Pixelshocks Tower Defence game.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use your mouse to set up your tower defenses in the Pixelshocks Tower Defence game.


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