Many Years Ago(94.05 Mb)
Many Years Ago gameA powerful volcano, named Bogo, has erupted and almost destroyed an entire civilization.

Although the ancient tribe survived the ordeal, their homes have been completely demolished, and now they have to start building everything from scratch and all this while being threatened by another eruption.

You are the one that has to help this tribe build a boat, move to a new location, then gather material, and start building new homes. You have to teach them new skills as well, delegate different tasks to each tribe member, and help them evolve in order for them to survive.

You are also responsible for your tribe members' health and must treat them if they fall sick; you will have to take care of the newly-born kids to and make sure that they have proper housing and a play area until they grow up since only adults can be given tasks to complete.

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System requirements:

  • OS:Windows XP/Vista

  • Memory:256 Mb

  • CPU:800 Mhz

  • DX:8.1

  • Hard Drive:145 Mb

Bullet points:

  • Customizable characters

  • Addicting minigames

  • Rebuild a village!

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(94.05 Mb)

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Many Years Ago game is a shareware software available to all users to download and play for free during 1 hour trial period. Then you will have either to buy Many Years Ago for $6.99 or uninstall it from your computer. The game is compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista. Many Years Ago does not contain any spyware and/or advertise modules which could cause any damage to your system, so you can install it not bothering about loss of any valuable information. It takes several minutes to download the game if you use fast Cable/ADSL connection. Many Years Ago game for free and indulge yourself into having pleasure!

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