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Asami's Sushi Shop gameMost of "restaurant simulators" are ruined buy their uniformity. Wandering from one game to another we find ourselves in a cheap fast-food or a pizza parlour again and again. That is why any exotics in the plot of a game like this should be welcomed in every possible way. Even if it is not actually a restaurant simulator in front of us, but a match 3 game designed on the topic.

That's the case with a game called "Asamis Sushi Shop". Under the direction of her wise grandfather a young Japanese Asami is to reestablish family business – making sushi. That's why the counters in the game look just like components of sushi and the gamer's task is to get the right amount of the right components from the playing field to fit the Asami's clients' orders. The main rule of restaurant simulators works here as well – a client shouldn't be left waiting for too long as it may spoil his mood and he will leave not having made a buying.

And after pleased clients eat their sushi and leave, don't forget to click on the bags with coins which they leave as a pay for their order. In breaks between levels you should also visit an equipment shop, where you can buy a lot of things which would be useful for the development of your family business. Besides, some fascinating installed games (the topic is teaching Asami the family trade) and a trip along the map of the world of the game (which is of course Japan) are waiting for you in "Asamis Sushi Shop".

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System requirements:

  • OS:Windows XP/Vista

  • Memory:512 Mb

  • CPU:800 Mhz

  • DX:8.1

  • Hard Drive:70 Mb

Bullet points:

  • Addictive gameplay.

  • Unique upgrades.

  • Make delicious sushi!!

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